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Related article: Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 16:13:52 +0100
From: pete townsend
Subject: FAMILY GATHERING PART 1We don't have family get togethers that often now as we are too spread
apart, but a double christening was enough to get us all heading towards
nottingham for a July weekend.I set off on the saturday morning,after picking up my nephew as he was
travelling up and back with me.I'd lusted after Mark for a fair few years after being introduced to man on
man sex in the army at 17 and with mark now at that age he had developed
into one horny fucker of a nephew.We arrived at the RAF base where my sister was living with Garry her
husband,a sergeant in the RAF Police.soon we engaged in the chores and tasks of different members of the family
turning up from all over the UK and even my brother Rick and his wife and
daughters arriving from germany.Later on in the evening when all the younger family members had been put to
bed we were all sat around eating and drinking and going over the funny
family stories that only come out at gatherings like this.Gary, my sisters husband went off for a while and on his return my sister
pulled me to one side, "We didn't know that Rick was coming" you tube lolitas videos she said."So he can stay in the caravan that you and Mark were going to be in, but
Gary's arranged with one of his squaddies for you both to stay in his room.A while later when people started drifting off to bed, Gary took Mark and
me over to the accommodation block and introduced us to Lynton, 18 athletic
years of pure Black fantasy, his was a twin room but he explained that his
roommate was away on a weekend pass. we said hellos and Gary said his
goodnights and left, we'd brought over some beers from the house and i had
some weed on me but i wasn't sure about saying anything with Lynton being a
trainee MP. Mark and i sat on the spare bed as Lynton sprawled across his ,
he was bare foot and wearing a white muscle top and pale grey joggers.we had a beer or two then lynton excused himself so he could take a shower,
as he left the room i gave mark the weed and he expertly rolled a joint, we
were smoking it when Lynton came back into the room. a small white towel
around his waist displayed his ebony magnificence wonderfully."Hey" he said with a wicked grin spreading across his face."You didn't say you had any smoke."You don't mind do you" i asked."Shit no" he laughed."As long as your sharing it" Mark offered him the spliff and he took a long
draw from it."Shit that's good" he sighed."This is harder to find than pussy in here" He passed me the joint and
started to rub the towel between his legs I choked young lolita poohnany sex as removing the towel
from his waist he bent over and started to dry his feet and toes.Mark tried to avoid looking as i ogled Lyntons long thick uncut cock and
plum sized hairless balls.my cock was rock hard and tight in my jeans as he finished drying himself
and stepped into a just too big pair of white homme button fly boxers
taking another can of beer he sprawled on his bed, one arm up under his
head and his legs slightly spread apart. Mark finished rolling another
joint and was passing it to me when Lynton asked him to switch on the video
I hope you guys don't mind because am horny as hell tonight, the titles ran
through and the film started.Two black guys were driving along when a young white policewoman steps from
the kerb to stop them, the dialogue was your normal porno crass but then
the policewoman was bundled into the back of the car and one of the men got
in the back with her, as the other started to drive the guy in the back
held down little loli models dictionary
the policewoman and taking her handcuffs he fastened her hands
behind her back, he then unfastened his zipper and lowering his jeans he
forced he down into a 69 position forcing his thick black cock into her
seemingly too small mouth.
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